Wings wired down.

Yesterday someone told me that I look like a bird that has their wings wired down.  I told them they are absolutely correct.


Thought for the day

I will remind myself that things don’t always have to be all or nothing. Small changes or steps can be all that I need. 

~ auntie chelle

What will our kids learn?

As I’ve come across articles and videos of different things about our world, I’m usually initially curious.  I enjoy learning about other people’s point of view on different things.  But, some of the information I see then makes me frustrated.

For a long time now, I have avoided watching the popular new channels.  When I did in the past it seemed to always upset me.  I would hear about crimes and horrible things happening around the world and it bothered me.  This information upset me and I didn’t feel like I could do anything to change it.  In turn, I chose to remove myself from it.  Honestly, I don’t watch much television anyway.  Until recently, I also avoided computers and social media as much as I could for quite some time.  Years actually.  I would still learn about events in the world from people who I talk to.  I’ve pretty much always worked with the public which leads to small talk.  In a lot of my experiences, people talk about what they see on the news.

So try to think about how my perspective is a little different from the majority.  By removing myself from hearing about what’s happening all over the world for the first time from the mainstream media, I get to hear it first from the words of people around me.  I’d rather see how they are seeing things first.  I want to hear the perspective of my fellow humans living, working, and trying to maintain in our current environment.  Not from the large organizations.

Part of the reason I am here writing to anyone that wants to listen is because the consensus from my interactions seems to be that people are not happy.  They are frustrated, concerned, and scared about the things they are learning on the news.  Those are the same reasons I chose to remove myself from that as much as I could.  As I now am acquiring the confidence and following the need I’m feeling to become part of a positive change, I felt it necessary to come out of that isolation from what I watch, read, or listen to.  I need to have more knowledge of what people out there are reading and learning about and decide how I feel about it.  I’m getting familiar with what the rest of the world is saying other than only from my interactions.

Guess what?  I’m just as upset about all of it as I always have been.  The difference now is that I want to utilize what I have learned from all of this since I am seeing things differently now.  The kids in my life, then again, kids all over the world, are going to see and hear all of the things happening in the world.  They are going to see the news and go on the internet.  The reality of the world we live in is that anyone at any age can look up anything you could imagine and read about it on the internet.  These children with also have people in their lives that will tell them lies and some kids will believe them.  Kids are impressionable.

My passion is coming from a place to want us as the kids’ family, friends, and important people, to be the ones to teach them what we think they should know.  They are going to see it all with the internet.  Let’s be realistic.  It is difficult to shelter kids from learning about things we do not want them to know at any early age anymore.  It’s all out there for anyone to see.  I was upset about major issues around me and in the world when I was young without having the internet.  I can imagine how much more overwhelmed I would have been if I could search the web for answers and find things that were not true and written by people with ill intention.  Because that type of stuff is out there.  My thought is that I would have been even more of a basket case than I already was.

So if we can help the kids of our future learn how to deal with all of this and inform them, I feel they can learn how to deal with it better.  Open lines of communication is a very important part.  We as the people who care about the kids in our lives have the responsibility to be there for them and teach them.  We need to talk to them and learn about what they are becoming informed with and decide what we want to explain to them about it.  I am working on an idea I have on my way of helping this situation.  This idea is a way for us all to take a small amount of responsibility in the teaching and communication with the kids of the next generation.  I am developing this idea of mine and figuring out how to make it a reality.  Part of it is a book idea.   Part of it is explaining my book idea.  And as I work on this, I will continue to write.  I want you all to learn more about me and how my mind works.  I need to develop my way to contribute to a change and it is focusing on helping our kids to be alright with themselves and helping them deal with changes in our universe.

Stay tuned…how fitting….

~ auntie chelle

People can be hurtful.

Everyone has their own opinion about any and everything.  Literally.  Everything.  Including me or you.

I am currently dealing with people who I am forced to interact with on a regular basis that seem like they are trying to bring me down.  Let me explain.  As I started this blog with passion and excitement to start doing something with purpose, I started to feel more confident.  This confidence and happiness showed in my interactions and I could see the positive reactions from a lot of people in my life.  I talked with people close to me that gave me positive feedback when I started explaining my ideas for my future.  Some asked questions and seemed genuinely interested.  This helped in the confidence I was already starting to feel.  These opinions are helpful ones from important people in my life.

There are also people who will tell you their opinions or thoughts in such a way that is hurtful.  I tend to be sensitive to what other people say.  I really think about if what they say has any validity which leads to questioning myself.  I struggle with maintaining positive self-esteem on my own.  This just makes it more difficult to keep that confidence going.  What I’m trying to remind myself is to consider the source of these negative opinions.  What is my relationship with this person and do they have my well-being in mind?

I know that not everyone is going to like everything about me and that is alright.  I really am okay with that.  What I’m not okay with is people who intentionally hurt other people with what they say.  I understand that this is reality.  There are good people and bad people everywhere you go.  I try to live my life as an honest, friendly person and some people seem to act and say things in such a way that really bothers me and makes me uncomfortable.  I’m trying to be a better person and others are jealous?  At least that’s what I hear. With low self-esteem it’s crazy for me to think that anyone could be jealous of me, so that’s not how I was seeing the situation. I was just hurt and frustrated on how to handle it.

For a long time I took everything everyone said to me to heart.  My mind seemed to work on the thought pattern of; if they said it, it must be true.  As kids, we believe what we are told.  We really don’t know any better.  Luckily I was raised in a family that taught me good morals that provided me a solid foundation to build on.  The key for me at this point, seems to be reminding myself to really think about the character of the person who is giving me their opinion.  What have they done to show me what type of person they are?  Their opinion is not fact and what is their intention in saying such things anyway?  Do they even like me?  Are they jealous of me?

So I’ve realized all of this.  Now what?  The next step for me is removing myself from the negative people and their hurtful opinions.  There are situations in my life that I feel I set a positive example and can be myself around others. This in turn makes me happy and helps on the building of my already growing confidence level.  And then there people who are intentionally rude.  I’ve decided that the amount of time I have to spend with the ones that are not benefiting me is too much.  This is a particular situation that I can not change.

So as I try to continue developing my plans for my own future, I also need to make a living.  I’m worried these constant negative, intentionally hurtful interactions are interfering with my positive growth.  I’m searching for my next stepping stone.  I want to find a way to help and be myself and earn some money at the same time.

I’ve been feeling frustrated and I want to thank you for letting me vent.


A smile can be an amazingly powerful thing that could turn someone’s day around.  If someone is having a rough day it could perk them up for the moment.  If they are sad or lonely it can cheer them up.  If they are someone that is friendly like me, I get a smile back!  And then there are the rude and mean people.  This one is great because the person is usually either confused or shocked.  It makes sense.  Most people avoid these types of people or ignore their negative behavior.  I do the exact, unexpected opposite and give them a nice big grin.  They don’t really seem to know what to do or how to react!  My intent in reacting this way to the mean ones is to make them think for a minute.  Maybe by this weird and different reaction they can look at themselves for a minute.  This idea of mine may not work in all situations or any for that matter, but at least I tried.  I showed them something different.  Think about it.